We produce any roller you can imagine.

Roller production for the Graphic Industry is rather demanding. There are quite a number of parameters that needs to be met in order to produce a good roller.  Superior Rollers will guarantee that you are 100% satisfied and that is a promise!

Superior Rollers are well know for:

  • Versatility
  • Excellent Ink and Water balance
  • UV and conventional compatible, ISO free!
  • Durability,
  • Unbeatable price quality ratio
  • Short delivery dates,
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!


We make all types of rollers, with dedication and attention to detail. We manufacture new  rollers and recover your old rollers. Not only for standard stock rollers you are in good hands, we will produce with pleasure also the odd single roller for you, offset, letterpress, flexo or any other kind of “soft surface” roller can be produced. Available in durometers from shore 20 to shore 70, up to a length of almost two meter and as tiny as 20 mm length, no problems.

Excellent Ink and water balance is for offset key in the printing process.

That rollers play an important role in this delicate process speaks for itself.  We use different compounds for the different specific rollers. An example is the water metering roller where we have added a special ingredient. After the last polish of the roller the surface tension has been broken by the ingredient, ensuring perfect water carriage. Printing is more efficient due to the, smooth, virtually non-porous surface and compressible compound of the rollers.

UV and conventional compatible and ISO free.

Isopropyl alcohol increased the wetting efficiency by lowering the viscosity. But with legislation that forbids IPA a different kind of roller was required. Soft and compressible enough to meter fountain solution trough the roller nip and tough enough to resist wear and abrasion Ink and water balance!  Our rollers are resistant to aggressive UV products and perform equally well on Conventional as UV inks.

It is your satisfaction that counts.


Low VOC cleaners are great for the environment but may cause swelling, shrinking or hardening of your rollers. Superior rollers resist those cleaners incredible better than their rubber counterparts, as the material is less porous. Our customers would typically use Superior rollers twice as long as rubber alternative rollers.

Unbeatable price quality ratio + Short delivery dates

Set-up time of your press, cleaning time, lifetime and the final print quality are part of the total cost not just the purchase price. When taken this into account you will find that the name Superior rollers is not “just a name”.

Being a relative small roller producer you benefit from short lines. When you order your rollers the order process will start the very same day. We strive to deliver the rollers in the shortest time possible and help you back on track in no time!

100% satisfaction guarantee! We like to keep things simple, if you are not satisfied we will resolve your problem or credit the invoice, and that is a promise!

Our compound is successfully used in the following machines.

Akiyama – AM International – AB-Dick – Baker Perkins – Crabtree – Didde Web Press – Gallus – Goss – Halm – Hamada – Hamilton – Hantscho – Hashimoto – Heidelberg – Harris – Hoe – KBA – King – Komori – Ko-Pack Int. – MAN-Roland – Mitsubishi – Nebiolo – Omni-Abest – Ryobi – Sakurai – Shinohara – Solna Web – Toshiba – Toyo Seikan – Winkler+Dunnebier

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